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  Welcome To Archerland!

Archerland is a free site that contains high-quality, romantic gay men's fiction by Nick Archer and other authors.  These stories are romantic without being maudlin, realistic but not gritty and humorous yet they do tackle some tough issues. 

Besides Nick Archer, other authors hosted on this site include: jfinn, Keith Mystery, Papyrophile, Jay, Iain, Alex Nelson, Udream, Bester, John Francis, Grayce Connors, and Ywing.  There's over 500 pages of reading enjoyment.  There's also a gallery of shirtless men.

So, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy!


To enter Archerland you will not need: A passport, tickets, money, shots or inoculations (do I hear a sigh of relief?) or a negative attitude.

But these things will come in handy: A sense of humor, an open mind, and a desire for gay fiction that is a cut above the standard "one-handed" fiction.


These stories contain sexual situations and content.

Do not proceed if you are offended by man-to-man sex love or romance.

Do not continue if you are underage according to the village, town, city, state, township, province or nation in which you reside.

There is no intergenerational sex in any of these stories.

You have been warned!

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  This Page was last updated on 08/10/03
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